How much does it cost to install carpet?

How Much Does It Cost To Install Carpet In One Room?

To work out a useful spending plan for install new carpet your room, you’ll need to get out your evaluating tape and complete a few fundamental calculations.

Installation costs vary due to the wide range of room sizes, carpet type, flooring condition, and carpet quality and whether you lay it yourself or hire a professional . Installing new carpet costs about $5 a square yard just for the labor alone while carpet removal costs about $4 a square yard for the labor and proper disposal. To get a better idea of the total cost of carpet installation, let’s look at the various factors that move the needle.

There are numerous factors in the cost of a new carpet, including the quality of the carpet you select and whether you lay it yourself or hire a professional, you can expect to pay between $300 to $750 for a 12-by-12 foot room. This price doesn’t include any unusual room layouts or cutouts.

Typical costs:
Costs run from $2 a square foot for the most inexpensive carpeting, including some self-adhesive carpet tiles, to as much as $100 a square yard for high-end or custom project.

Sufficient carpeting and padding can usually be installed for $20-$40 a square yard, or $320-$630 for a 12×12-foot room. If it’s not included, add, $2.50-$6 a square yard for padding. Be skeptical of prices that include free padding, because good padding increases the life span of your carpet; get some information about redesigns.

If installation isn’t included, it averages $2-$6 or more a square yard for most residential carpet. Installers may similarly charge an extra $1-$2 a square yard to move furniture, another $1-$2/square yard for removing the existing carpeting; $1-$2/square yard for disposing of the old carpet; and $1-$2 extra for installing berber (loose loop) style products. There are also extra fees for steps and oddly-shaped rooms.

If installation is included in the price, it may be less expensive to employ your very own installer. If the seller won’t reveal what the built-in installation fees are or just says “it’s included,” ask what the price is if you install it yourself.

Cost factors
Carpeting has a wide scope of related expenses. Some materials, like wool or Berber, for example, may cost more than synthetic options. Because carpeting is sold by the yard, the larger the area you are carpeting, the higher your total costs will be. This is also true for the padding to you choose to go under your carpet since the thicker the padding, the higher the cost.

Stairs, corners, bump outs, and other irregularities in the installation may also impact the total cost of the installation. If you are carpeting over concrete and need a vapor barrier 3, this may similarly add to the last costs. Because these sections take extra times and efforts.

What should be included:
The most affordable material is polypropylene, also called polyethylene or olefin; acrylic is also genuinely low-valued; mid-grade carpets are normally polyester or nylon; wool is frequently the most costly decision, and a few high-end products include silk or linen.

There are several grades of padding. Squeeze the padding; if it compacts more than half its thickness, it probably won’t last under long-term wear and tear.

A tack strip (wood strips with tack points jutting up to grab the carpet’s backing) should be nailed around the edges of the room. The padding is rolled out and trimmed to fit inside the tack strip, then the carpet is rolled out. The installer should use a power stretcher to minimize rippling and wrinkling.

Size of ProjectCost of Carpet Installation
1501-2000 square feet$2,252.00
1001-1500 square feet$1,665.00
501-1000 square feet$1,585.00
0-500 square feet$547.00

Type of Carpet MaterialNationwide Average Cost per Square Foot
Olefin / Polypropylene$1.08


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