How much does it cost to remove carpet

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Carpet?

Before you can install your new carpets, you have to take out the existing carpet, because you can’t install new carpet or any other kind of new flooring over old carpet. Removal of the old carpet may be included in the estimate for installing the new carpet.

Cost factors

There are numerous factors to effect prices when you decide to remove old carpets. Of course you know that the most important factor is room size. Costs will vary based on how many square feet of carpet you want removed and any special features the carpeted rooms have.  When calculating the cost per square foot, contractors assume you have a square or rectangular-shaped room. They may charge more for odd-shaped rooms with more corners, stairs, radiant heating floor system, or fixtures installed into the floor. Additional corners means there are more places where workers must “start” removing carpet, in which case it will take more time. Likewise, stairs all have their own individual corners and are therefore more time-consuming to pull up carpet from.

In addition to corners, objects in the middle of the floor can slow down carpet removal. As such, all furniture must be removed from a room first–something professionals may charge extra for. They will also need to pause and remove objects that are permanently attached to the floor. To avoid damage, technicians must also work slower and more carefully when removing carpet from floors containing radiant heat. Since this process will take longer, you can naturally expect to spend more money.

Many carpet removal services also specialize in carpet installation and other types of flooring. When replacing wall-to-wall carpet with new carpet from big-box stores or home improvement warehouses, removal of the old carpet will not always be included in the cost, so hiring a pro to handle it saves you time and hard labor. Carpet removal is either priced by the hourly cost of labor to remove and dispose of the carpet and carpet pad, or by the square footage or square yardage of carpet to be removed. 

There is a table for simply calculate to know how much does it cost to remove your living room carpet (12’feet by 12 feet =144 square feet)

Remove Carpet – Labor & Material Prices$64.80 – $72.00 $122.40 – $180.00 $216.00 – $288.00
Remove Carpet – Waste & Haul-away Costs $50.40 – $50.40
$72.00 – $108.00 $144.00 – $216.00
Remove Carpet – Total $115.20 – $122.40 $194.40 – $288.00 $360.00 – $504.00
Remove Carpet – Total Average Cost per square ft.$0.82 $1.67 $3.00

The average homeowner will spend around $115 for a professional to remove 140 square feet of carpeting, haul it away, and dispose of it.

The National average cost of removing carpet is:
(remove and dispose of carpet and padding from a 140-sq. ft. area containing stairs)
(carpet removal and disposal without stairs)
(moving furniture and high-end disposal)



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